Quick Tips and Resources

Below are the short term goals that the TGSNA Safety Committee has come up with as quick easy wins that nearly everyone can get involved in should they want to. At the end of the goals, you will find a form to fill out if you wish to get involved.

  1. Forming dog-walking groups each week night to have increased “people presence” out-and-about around the neighborhood
  2. Contacting local police, firefighters, EMS to join a walking group for 10-15 minutes get to know neighbors in TGS. This enhances and is a central principle of community policing. The neighbors can get to know the emergency service providers in the community and vice versa.
  3. In partnership with TGS Block Captains, reach out to neighbors on your block and surrounding blocks (if there is not a block captain on a specific block)
    • Collect contact info of neighbors willing to be called to watch out their window to make sure neighbors get inside their homes safely (especially if arriving home late at night). The neighbors watching would then call 911 if something looks suspicious or an incident occurs
    • Pass out flyers to neighbors that explain this procedure and obtain e-mails and phone numbers of neighbors interested in participating.
  4. Walking around your block to see if each house has working/operational porch lights. If not, does your neighbor need assistance changing a light bulb, buying it, installing it, etc.
    • We will be working with Tower Grove Neighborhood Community Development Corporation to explore possible funding options
  5. Pass out safety tip/resource contact flyers reminding neighbors about what they can implement in and around their house and street to increase safety.