Long Term Programming Ideas

Below is a list of ideas that were developed in conjunction with the Safety Committee as things that the Neighborhood Association could investigate investing in or partnering with other organizations already doing this work.
These programs are focused on action that would help break cycles that sometimes lead to crime and violence.
If you have other ideas or want to get involved, please let us know!

**Please note that none of these are by any means set in stone, and each will require a good deal of volunteer effort to become reality**

  1. Look into training for Neighborhood Watch program, informational sessions explaining common misconceptions and positive effects with using this program
    • Explore availability of grants and programming to begin Neighborhood Watch
  2. After school programs
    • Several neighborhood churches have already expressed interest
  3. Summer programs for teens
  4. Mentoring programs, perhaps through BB/BS
  5. Financial literacy counseling
  6. Micro-loans for innovative small business ideas
  7. Restorative justice programs
  8. Re-mediating environmental hazards, creating an inclusive, safe, and welcoming environment for all residents
    • Programs here include lead and asbestos containment programs, connecting neighbors with organizations able to help with home repairs/upkeep