2018-2019 Board of Directors

2018-2019 TGSNA Board of Directors

Jeff Bargielski
Vice President
Shon Riley
Jesse Sieger-Walls
Recording Secretary
Joseph Mazzola
Corresponding Secretary
Andrew Arkills
Northwest Quadrant Directors
Andrew Blackwell–“A” Class
Lauren Althaus–“B” Class
Northeast Quadrant Directors
Mark Abbott–“A” Class
Tony Parise–“B” Class
Southeast Quadrant Directors
Chelsea Berkhout–“A” Class
Angela Vaughn–“B” Class
Southwest Quadrant Directors
Tina Gabbert–“A” Class
Rachel Greathouse–“B” Class
Past President (non-voting board member)

 *”A” Class terms for quadrant directors are elected in even numbered years, and “B” Class terms are elected in odd numbered years. Both serve 2 year terms.*


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