Block Captains

A Block Captain is a person who cares about the neighborhood.  Block Captains are action oriented individuals who use their observation, listening, communicating, and problem-solving skills to work with our neighbors for the betterment of the community.  A Block Captain is NOT a policeman, referee, the final decision maker in solving problems, or the only responsible neighbor on the block.  Block Captains help to break the cycle of crime & isolation; build a safer, friendlier, more caring place to live; help to clean up and beautify the block and neighborhood; provide a neighborhood watch to inhibit drug trafficking and other crime; and serve to strengthen the entire neighborhood by increased involvement in the Neighborhood Association.

For additional information on becoming a block captain, please contact us or come to a meeting. The Tower Grove South and Tower Grove Heights Block Captains meet on the second Monday of each month, 6:30pm at Oak Hill Presbyterian.

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3200 Alfred Andrew Arkills [email protected]


3600-3700 Arsenal Brian Sullivan [email protected]
3900 Arsenal Doug Schwaab [email protected]


3600-3700 Bamberger George Clark [email protected]


4300 Beck Charlene Earlywine [email protected]


3600-3700 Connecticut Monica Buehrle and Mary Myracle, co-captains [email protected]
3800 Connecticut Liz Clyne [email protected]
4100 Connecticut Hannah Reinhart [email protected]
4200 Connecticut Jeanette McDermott [email protected]


3600 Fairview Ashley Richardson [email protected]
3700-3800 Fairview Laura MacCaskey [email protected]


3500 Giles Pam & Cliff Tohtz [email protected]


3500 Grace Betty Hancock [email protected]


3600 Gravois Darryl Huynh [email protected]


3600-3700 Hartford Mimi Haag [email protected]
3800 Hartford Jennifer Florida [email protected]
3800 Hartford Matt Miller [email protected]
3900 Hartford Nicole Pace, Lisa Donahue, Gelinda Connell, co-captains [email protected]
4000 Hartford Debbie Pullin [email protected]
4200 Hartford Joe Hostman [email protected]
4200 Hartford Katy Hostman [email protected]


3600 Holt Nicole Trippany [email protected]


3600-3700 Humphrey Richard Buthod [email protected]
3600-3700 Humphrey Cathy Roche [email protected]
3800 Humphrey Greg Plank [email protected]
3900 Humphrey Louis Loaiza [email protected]
4100 Humphrey Anna Lampe [email protected]


3600-3700 Juniata Debra Knox Deiermann, Lynne Casey, co-captains [email protected]
3800 Juniata Kim Cole, Tom Reitenbach, co-captains [email protected]
3900 Juniata Karen Norman [email protected]
3900 Juniata Amy Zigler [email protected]
4000 Juniata Rhianna Mathias [email protected]
4100 Juniata Sarah Redmond [email protected]
4200 Juniata Ingbert Schmidt [email protected]
4300 Juniata Cheryl Wittenauer [email protected]


3800 McDonald Robert J. Boggs [email protected]
4100 McDonald Kerica Williams [email protected]
4100 McDonald Ivan Wine [email protected]

Morgan Ford

3200 Morgan Ford Jill Miller [email protected]
3500 Morgan Ford Tim Jacobs [email protected]

Oak Hill

3600 Oak Hill John & Wendy Witte [email protected], [email protected]
3700 Oak Hill Kristan Nickels [email protected]


3900 Oleatha Warren Popp [email protected]
3900 Oleatha Angela Vaughn [email protected]
4000 Oleatha Jacob Lewis [email protected]
4000 Oleatha Ellen Leeper [email protected]
4100 Oleatha Molly Johnson [email protected]


4100 Parker Jeff Trende [email protected]


3600-3700 Potomac Aaron DeClue [email protected]


3600-3700 Spring Liz Cox Halpin [email protected]


4000 Tholozan Brian Radake [email protected]


3600-3700 Utah Tod A. Martin, Gin Hinderer, co-captains [email protected]
3800 Utah Jim McClaren [email protected]
4100 Utah Joe Mazzola [email protected]


4000 Winnebago Tina Gabbert [email protected]


3800 Wyoming Ashley Morris, Adam & Rachel Moskal [email protected]
4100 Wyoming Julie Birkemeier [email protected]
4200 Wyoming Torrey Park [email protected]
4300 Wyoming Colin Dowling [email protected]