Block Captains

A Block Captain is a person who cares about the neighborhood. Block Captains are action oriented individuals who use their observation, listening, communicating, and problem-solving skills to work with our neighbors for the betterment of the community. A Block Captain is NOT a policeman, referee, the final decision maker in solving problems, or the only responsible neighbor on the block. Block Captains help to break the cycle of crime & isolation; build a safer, friendlier, more caring place to live; help to clean up and beautify the block and neighborhood; provide a neighborhood watch to inhibit drug trafficking and other crime; and serve to strengthen the entire neighborhood by increased involvement in the Neighborhood Association.

For additional information on becoming a block captain, please contact us or come to a meeting. The Tower Grove South and Tower Grove Heights Block Captains meet on the second Monday of each month, 6:30pm at Oak Hill Presbyterian.

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3100 Alfred Marjorie “Marge” Del Carlo [email protected]
3200 Alfred Andrew Arkills [email protected]


3600-3700 Arsenal Brian Sullivan [email protected]
3800 Arsenal Sarah Fieser [email protected]
3900 Arsenal Doug Schwaab [email protected]
4000 Arsenal Recruiting
4100 Arsenal Recruiting
4200 Arsenal Recruiting
4300 Arsenal Recruiting
4400 Arsenal Recruiting
4500 Arsenal Recruiting
4600 Arsenal Recruiting
4700 Arsenal Recruiting
4800 Arsenal Recruiting


3500 Bamberger Recruiting
3600-3700 Bamberger George Clark [email protected]


4200 Beck Recruiting
4300-4400 Beck Charlene Earlywine [email protected]


3100 Bent Recruiting
3200 Bent Recruiting
3300 Bent Recruiting
3400 Bent Recruiting
3500 Bent Recruiting


4300 Cherry Recruiting


3600 Chippewa Elizabeth Dannan  [email protected]
3700 Chippewa Elizabeth Dannan  [email protected]
3800 Chippewa Recruiting
3900 Chippewa Recruiting
4100 Chippewa Recruiting
4200 Chippewa Recruiting
4300-4400 Chippewa Recruiting


3600-3700 Connecticut Monica Buehrle and Mary Myracle, co-captains [email protected]
3800 Connecticut Liz Clyne [email protected]
3900 Connecticut Recruiting
4000 Connecticut Matt Brinkman [email protected]
4100 Connecticut Hannah Reinhart [email protected]
4200 Connecticut Jeanette McDermott [email protected]
4300 Connecticut Recruiting
4400 Connecticut Recruiting


3600 Fairview Ashley Richardson [email protected]
3700-3800 Fairview Laura MacCaskey [email protected]
3900 Fairview Recruiting
4000 Fairview Recruiting
4100 Fairview Recruiting
4300 Fairview Recruiting
4800 Fairview Recruiting


4300 Fyler Recruiting


3700 Garnier Recruiting


3400 Giles Recruiting
3500 Giles Pam & Cliff Tohtz [email protected]
3700 Giles Elizabeth Dannan [email protected]


3400 Grace Recruiting
3500 Grace Betty Hancock [email protected]


3100 Grand Recruiting
3200 Grand Recruiting
3300 Grand Recruiting
3400 Grand Recruiting
3500 Grand Recruiting
3600 Grand Recruiting
3700 Grand  Elizabeth Dannan  [email protected]


3600-3700 Gravois Darryl Huynh [email protected]
3800 Gravois Recruiting
3900-4000 Gravois Recruiting


3100 Gurney Recruiting


3100 Gustine Recruiting
3200 Gustine Recruiting
3300 Gustine Recruiting
3400 Gustine Recruiting
3500 Gustine Recruiting
3600-3700 Gustine Recruiting


3600-3700 Hartford Mimi Haag [email protected]
3800 Hartford Jennifer Florida [email protected]
3800 Hartford Matt Miller [email protected]
3900 Hartford Nicole Pace, Lisa Donahue, Gelinda Connell, co-captains [email protected]
4000 Hartford Debbie Pullin [email protected]
4100 Hartford Wendy Fairchild [email protected]
4200 Hartford Joe Hostman [email protected]
4200 Hartford Katy Hostman [email protected]
4300 Hartford Recruiting


3600 Holt Nicole Trippany [email protected]
3700 Holt Recruiting


3600-3700 Humphrey Richard Buthod [email protected]
3600-3700 Humphrey Cathy Roche [email protected]
3800 Humphrey Greg Plank [email protected]
3900 Humphrey Louis Loaiza [email protected]
4000 Humphrey recruiting
4100 Humphrey Anna Lampe [email protected]
4200 Humphrey Recruiting
4300 Humphrey Recruiting


3600-3700 Hydraulic Recruiting


3600-3700 Juniata Debra Knox Deiermann, Lynne Casey, co-captains [email protected]
3800 Juniata Kim Cole, Tom Reitenbach, co-captains [email protected]
3900 Juniata Karen Norman [email protected]
3900 Juniata Amy Zigler [email protected]
4000 Juniata Rhianna Mathias [email protected]
4100 Juniata Courtney Weibel [email protected]
4200 Juniata Recruiting
4300 Juniata Cheryl Wittenauer [email protected]


3100-3200 Kingshighway Recruiting
3300 Kingshighway Recruiting
3400 Kingshighway Recruiting
3500 Kingshighway Recruiting
3600 Kingshighway Recruiting


3100 Lackland Recruiting


3500 Lucy Recruiting


3100 Maury Recruiting


3600-3700 McDonald Recruiting
3800 McDonald Robert J. Boggs [email protected]
3900 McDonald Recruiting
4000 McDonald Recruiting
4100 McDonald Kerica Williams [email protected]
4100 McDonald Ivan Wine [email protected]


4200 Meramac Recruiting


3900 Miami Recruiting
4000 Miami Recruiting
4100 Miami Recruiting
4200 Miami Recruiting
4300 Miami Recruiting
4400-4500 Miami Recruiting

Morgan Ford

3100 Morgan Ford Recruiting
3200 Morgan Ford Recruiting
3300 Morgan Ford Recruiting
3400 Morgan Ford Recruiting
3500 Morgan Ford Tim Jacobs [email protected]
3600 Morgan Ford Recruiting

Oak Hill

3100 Oak Hill Recruiting
3200 Oak Hill Recruiting
3300 Oak Hill Recruiting
3400 Oak Hill Recruiting
3500 Oak Hill Recruiting
3600 Oak Hill John & Wendy Witte [email protected], [email protected]
3700 Oak Hill Kristan Nickels [email protected]


3900 Oleatha Angela Vaughn [email protected]
4000 Oleatha Ellen Leeper [email protected]
4100 Oleatha Molly Johnson [email protected]
4200 Oleatha Recruiting
4300 Oleatha Recruiting
4400-4500 Oleatha Recruiting
4800 Oleatha Recruiting


3900 Parker Recruiting
4000 Parker Recruiting
4100 Parker Jeff Trende [email protected]
4200 Parker Recruiting


3600 Phillips Elizabeth Dannan  [email protected]
3700 Phillips Elizabeth Dannan  [email protected]
4000 Phillips Recruiting


3100 Portis Marjorie “Marge” Del Carlo [email protected]
3200 Portis Recruiting


3700-3800 Potomac Aaron DeClue [email protected]
3900 Potomac Recruiting
4000 Potomac Recruiting
4100 Potomac Recruiting
4300 Potomac Recruiting
4800 Potomac Recruiting


3600 Ridgewood Recruiting


3100 Roger Recruiting
3200 Roger Recruiting
3300 Roger Recruiting
3400 Roger Recruiting
3500 Roger Recruiting
3600 Roger Recruiting


3100 Spring Recruiting
3200 Spring Recruiting
3400 Spring Recruiting
3500 Spring Recruiting
3600-3700 Spring Liz Cox Halpin

Elizabeth Dannan

[email protected]

[email protected]


3600 Tholozan Elizabeth Dannan  [email protected]
3700 Tholozan Elizabeth Dannan  [email protected]
3900 Tholozan Recruiting
4000 Tholozan Brian Radake [email protected]
4100 Tholozan Recruiting
4200 Tholozan Recruiting
4300 Tholozan Recruiting
4400-4500 Tholozan Recruiting


3600-3700 Utah Tod A. Martin, Gym Hinderer, co-captains [email protected]
3800 Utah Jim McClaren [email protected]
3900 Utah Tim Krupinski [email protected]
4000 Utah Recruiting
4100 Utah Joe Mazzola [email protected]
4200 Utah Recruiting


3600 Winnebago Elizabeth Dannan  [email protected]
3700 Winnebago Elizabeth Dannan  [email protected]
3900 Winnebago Recruiting
4000 Winnebago Tina Gabbert [email protected]


3600-3700 Wyoming Jill Aboussie [email protected]
3800 Wyoming Ashley Morris, Adam & Rachel Moskal [email protected]
3900 Wyoming Recruiting
4000 Wyoming Recruiting
4100 Wyoming Julie Birkemeier [email protected]
4200 Wyoming Torrey Park [email protected]
4300 Wyoming Colin Dowling [email protected]